The newly enhanced Subdue Deodorant is even better than the original formula, providing excellent protection against odor for up to eight hours! Natural deodorants are on the rise and sales are exploding. Consumers are becoming more ingredient savvy and are less comfortable with potentially harmful deodorant ingredients (like aluminum) and their possible link to diseases. Neways is again ahead of the trend by offering a safe and effective nature-based deodorant. Get closer with confidence using new Subdue Deodorant.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new Subdue formula:

Q: What are some differences between the old and new Subdue formulas?
A: The new Subdue feels drier, less greasy and sticky than the old Subdue and provides long-lasting protection from odor without irritation. The new Subdue Deodorant is a smoother and more pleasant smelling formula that both men and women are sure to enjoy. The old Subdue featuring coriander, sage and eucalyptus was good, but the new Subdue is great!

Q: Is Subdue an antiperspirant?
A: No. Subdue is designed as a deodorant, not for anti perspiration. The new Subdue effectively deodorizes and does not inhibit the bodyís natural ability to perspire.

Q: How do antiperspirants and deodorants differ?
A: Deodorants help control odor caused by bacteria which interacts with perspiration. Antiperspirants help control wetness by absorbing into sweat glands where they form a superficial plug, reducing the flow of perspiration. Unfortunately, there are no natural antiperspirants as defined by the FDA. The only way to stop wetness where it starts is with chemicals such as aluminum chloroyhdrate and aluminum zirconium. Studies have shown a possible link between aluminum and diseases like Alzheimerís.

Q: Does the body need to perspire?
A: Yes. Perspiration is one of the bodyís natural detoxification processes essential for releasing toxins and heavy metals.

Q: What are the ingredients in the new Subdue and how do they work?
A: The new Subdue contains several ingredients that make this product even more effective. Gentle and natural extracts from sandalwood, lemongrass and petitgrain essential oils help inhibit the growth of body-odor-causing bacteria. Natural components from chamomile support the skinís healthy appearance and provide natural deodorizing benefits. Other natural ingredients like lichen extract and Zinc ricinoleate help neutralize odors and support against bacteria while still letting your skin respire. Remember, the skin needs to respire in order to release toxins.

Q: How can I feel confident that the new Subdue formula will keep body odor at bay?
A: Independent tests have proven that Subdue is non-irritating, safe and very effective in controlling undesirable body odor.

Q: How long does the effectiveness last?
A: Although length of effectiveness may vary with individual body chemistry, daily activity or environmental changes, the new Subdue has natural staying power. However, it is a good idea to re-apply every six to eight hours for continued confidence.

Q: I am thrilled that I can use a natural product to control odor. How do I get the best performance out of the new Subdue?
A: Always shake the bottle well before use. Apply to the underarm area. You will experience an instant cooling effect as Subdue glides effortlessly onto your skin. Gently wipe off excess as desired. Allow to dry prior to dressing. To ensure continued performance and freshness, make sure you rotate the cap until it sits snugly against the tapered part of the bottle with no visible space between the taper and the bottle. This helps the roller ball fit snuggly into place and keeps the formula safely intact.

Q: The new Subdue smells so light and fresh. Does it contain fragrance?
A: Most of the natural ingredients in the product just smell great, but we have also added essential oils and plant extracts, like lime oil and chamomile extract, that offer a mild pleasant scent with the added benefit of an anti-bacterial effect.

If you liked the old Subdue, you will love the new Subdue! Take a step towards a more confident you. Order Subdue Deodorant today!


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